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FRIENDS INDEED: Woman Allowed Friend borrow her husband for holiday

“A carefully chosen holiday husband is a great break from the home version How glorious it has been to take a holiday with a...

How The Ebola Outbreak Affects Female Bushmeat Sellers

Nigeria is battling the outbreak of Ebola — a terrifying disease that causes its victims to bleed to death from the inside out. Ebola has...
Highlights, Marriage, Relationships

We’re Friends Till Marriage Do Us Part

We spend years of our lives building friendships in schools, neighborhoods, workplaces and everywhere else, yet as life evolves and major life changes such...

Outspoken: Are You Whole Enough To Complement Another?

  One too many times, we hear people say ‘I need a soul mate, someone who can complete me’. This, to me, is one...
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Why Are The Goodies In Your ”Bottom Box”?

I try to shop as much as I can whenever I travel, thus I have a good number of beautiful outfits. Lovely dresses; red...
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Top Ten Young Female Entrepreneurs On She leads Africa’s List

She Leads Africa has announced the 10 finalists for the 2014 Entrepreneur Showcase. The young female entrepreneurs were selected from 380 applications from more than 27 countries....
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The 7 Women You Become When You’re With The Wrong Guy

Every person that is wrong for us brings out something in us that is horrible for the relationship. Emotions and desires such as jealousy,...

3 Kickass Quotes From Mercy Johnson About Dealing With “Pull Her Down” Sydrome

There is a lot of pull her down syndrome in our society, we are so quick to judge and criticize other people’s successes. How...

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer By SisiYemmie

Since the first case of Ebola was reported in Lagos some weeks ago, the demand for hand sanitizers has been at an all time...

Soldiers’ Wives Protect Their Husbands From Fighting Against Boko Haram

Wives of Nigerian soldiers belonging to the 21 Armored Brigade stationed at Giwa Barracks in Maiduguri, have protested against their husbands being sent to...