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7 Nigerian Men Talk About Being Stay-At-Home Dads

  If I don’t have to worry about money, I will gladly be a stay-at-home mum. I will have seven children like my mummy...
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17 Things I’ll Miss When My Kid Is Older: A Father’s List

Happy Father’s Day to all the men who take care and are active in the life of their kids and wards. You are super...
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Something For Football Widows As The World Cup Begins

The World cup kicked off yesterday, and some women are already dreading how the month long football event may take away the attention of their...
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Friendship With Another Person’s Spouse, Where Should We Draw The Line?

 By Nkechi Ajayi Dinner – Check Dishes – Check Doors – Check Trash - Check All that was left was a nice warm shower and...
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Will You Let Your Fiancé’s Brother Represent Him at Your Wedding?

Scenario 1 It is one day before your traditional wedding; your finance just got a call to come for an impromptu interview. It’s his...
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Controversies Over Nigerian Woman Who Gave Birth On British Airways Flight To London

A British Airways plane flying from Abuja to London had to make an emergency landing on Friday  at Palme de Mallorce, in the Balearic...
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''When My Family Learned About My Being Gay, There Were Threats” – Nigerian Lesbian Shares Her Story.

Lateefah Williams recently interviewed a 34-year-old Lesbian Nigerian woman on Washington Blade, which is often described as America’s gay news source. The woman who...
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From Zero to 14 In Four Minutes! Watch This Girl Grow

It is amazing how fast children grow! Dutch Photographer, Frans Hofmeester has captured his daughter’s growth every week since birth. He just relaesed the...
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Is One-Sided Open Marriages The Key To Marital Bliss For Some Women?

By Shola Okubote A well-known Nigerian celebrity couple was being interviewed on a TV programme recently and the man was asked why he chose...
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For Men: How To Say Sorry And Make It Mean Something

Ever been in trouble with your wife or girlfriend? Of course you have. If you have known each other for any length of time...