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Is This What The Modern Nigerian Bride’s Engagement List Will Look Like?

  In the days of old, engagement list items were fairly static, but perhaps differing in quantity and maybe quality. You would see the...
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See How This Nigerian Woman Narrowly Escaped Deportation From The UK

Afusat Saliu, a Nigerian woman sought refuge in the UK so that her one-year-old and three-year-old daughters will not be subjected to FGM as...
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VIDEO: Nigerian Policeman Caught Assaulting Woman Because of Fish!

  Tafa Mohammed, a Police Officer in Lagos was caught on camera brutalizing people on the street and threatening some women with his gun. He...
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You Failed. And So What???

I am absolutely in love with the story told so passionately by Martina McBride in her song   - A Broken Wing, the message is...
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A Taxi Experience: How I Escaped Being Kidnapped.

My office sent me to Apapa today, to do some kain kain things (code for official business). I was supposed to be back to...
Sen.Florence Ita-Giwa
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Senator Ita-Giwa: "I Have No Apologies For Celebrating My Birthday…"

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa recently (19th of February) had a party to celebrate her 68th birthday. Many celebrities, politicians and  the who-is-whos attended the Birthday...
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11 Rules For Hugging At The Office: FOR MEN

There may come a time when you want to hug a co-worker. That’s OK, just make sure you’re familiar with the rules. I thought...
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Hugging in the Workplace: FOR WOMEN

Reality check time: Not everyone works in an office environment where people actually have meetings and act professional and shake hands and/or hug. In...
60s - 30s
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60 Things Older Women Over 60 Wished They knew In Their 30s

Margaret Manning resigned from her corporate job and became an entrepreneur building an online community – Sixty and Me, for women who are over...
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Ask Ronke Lawal: Will Leaving The Office At 5pm On The Dot Affect My Career Growth?

A Reader Asks; I just got my first job at a small firm. My employment letter says work starts at 8am and ends at...