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How NOT To Catch Ebola: A Pictorial Guide To Help You

By now, you must have heard about the Ebola case discovered in Lagos. Some are reporting that the Ebola patient died earlier today. Below is a...
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What Nigerian Women Can Do To Avoid Being Victims Of Maternal Death

Someone asked; Are there dos and don’ts when choosing a clinic? Are there questions we should ask to protect ourselves from the inadequacies in...
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Is Maheeda Suffering from PTSD and BiPolar Disorder?

One of my favorite articles on Femme Lounge is Don’t Blame Her, Blame The Brain Tumor. This is because I strongly believe there are...
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Cervical Cancer: 20 Minutes Can Save Your Life!

  By Shola Okubote For two years I received periodic letters from my GP advising me on the importance of going for a cervical...
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OUTSPOKEN: Debby Baro Shares How Religious Beliefs Still Hold Some Women Back From Getting Medical Help.

Belief systems in many African societies form basis of a number of their values too. While they have lived with these through generations, some...
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Nigeria Has The Highest Number Of Skin Bleachers? Exaggeration Or Fact?

At a recent Lenten season programme organised by the wife of Kwara State Governor, Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed, at the Government House, Dr. Nike Omotoyosi,...
Arunachalam Muruganantham
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This Man Has Revolutionized Sanitary Pads For Women In India.

The Menstrual man, a school drop-out from a poor family in India has revolutionised menstrual health for rural women in India and other developing countries...
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Tweeting Bra: Tweets Every Time You Take It Off

Nestlé SA wants the world to know every time a celebrity takes her bra off. This week, its division Nestlé Fitness launched an advertising...
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How To Protect Yourself From The Deadly Ebola Virus

The deadly Ebola Virus Disease which has no cure has now hit Lagos. This was confirmed by the Adviser to the Governor of Lagos,...
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OUTSPOKEN: Should I Feel Inadequate Because I've Never Cooked Okro, Efo-elegusi, Or Even Peppersoup?

By Oriyomi Adebare ‘Ehn? You can’t make Amala or what did you say?’ my Aunt asked me. ‘Yes’ I replied. She then stared at me,...