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29 Things Women Don’t Do Because Of Fear

Julie Gerstein, a staff recently did a survey asking women what activities they missed out on in order to protect themselves, here are...
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Women Share Stories Of Sexual Assault And Why They Never Reported On Twitter

  A hashtag is trending on Twitter as women who have been raped but never reported it spoke out in defence of women who were not believed...

You Won’t Believe What This Woman Did When Her Son Called Her Stupid

People on my street look at me like I am crazy. They whisper audibly, “Na lie, dem sack am!” , as I pass on...
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Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty For Child Bride Charged For Killing Her Husband

Wasila Umaru, a 14 year old in Kano was accused of killing her 35-year-old husband, Umaru Sani, and his friends with a rat poison...

This Is What Happens To Your Skin After Using A Cellulose Sponge

  If you have Oily Skin or Skin prone to Acne, this is for you. Take a mirror, hold it up close to your...
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No Human Can Love You As You Can Love Yourself

I always say that no human can love you as wholly and completely as you can love yourself. Too many things happen to different...

Women In Politics: Three Women Battle For Senatorial Seat In Anambra

Three women are lined up to pick the PDP ticket for Anambra North Senatorial seat  in the 2015 general elections, the zone comprises seven local...
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4 Things That Men Find Attractive In Plus Size Women

Many people would assume that fresh faced eighteen and nineteen year olds are viewed  as more attractive than women in their late 20’s and...

110 Nigerian Women Die Daily From Childbirth Related Complications

Some months ago we published a report by Save the Children, a UK based charity, which showed how Nigeria is one of the worst places...
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Dear Business Owner, Don’t Promise Your Employees What You Can’t Deliver!

This week on Word Off The Tweets, we bring you some of our past tweets for small business owners.  Follow us @femmelounge   <——...