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Life Lessons From 10 Of The Most Inspirational Women

In the past, women in high-level positions were few and far between. But now, more than ever, there are more women making their way...

People Learned To say Tchaikovsky… Dostoevsky. They Can Learn Uzoamaka

Uzo Aduba is a Nigerian-American actress who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren in Netlix’s “Orange is the New Black“. In an interview published on The...
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Adenike Oyetunde Had A Limb Amputated At Age 20. But You’d Never Know

Adenike Oyetunde had one of her limbs amputated at age 20. But you’d never know. Her zeal for life is matched by her tenacity...
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From Danfo To Gulf Stream Jet – This Woman’s Story Inspires

Temilolu Okeowo, a columnist for Punch Online wrote an article two weeks ago about how it is important for young women today to understand the...
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Soulful Sunday: Lupita Won the Oscar……Not You!

Lupita Nyong’o won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in the movie 12 Years a Slave. It was special. So many people were...

9 Things Maya Angelou Knew That You Should Too

Renowned author and poet Maya Angelou has died at 86, she reportedly died at her home in Winston-Salem. Angelou wrote the much-acclaimed autobiography “I...
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Soulful Sunday: On Opportunities, Closed Doors And Airplanes

by Naomi Lucas There will come a time in your life when you will be swamped with opportunities. Everywhere you turn, it will seem...
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You Failed. And So What???

I am absolutely in love with the story told so passionately by Martina McBride in her song   - A Broken Wing, the message is...
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A Taxi Experience: How I Escaped Being Kidnapped.

My office sent me to Apapa today, to do some kain kain things (code for official business). I was supposed to be back to...
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SOULFUL SUNDAY: Our Spiritual Duty Is Not To Like Each Other; It Is To Love Each Other.

Editor’s Note: I was checking DeserveYourGreatLife blog yesterday for new blog post to read when I saw an article titled ”Who Says I Have...