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Wrongful Dismissal? Lagos Hospital Sacks Two Nurses For Wearing Hijab

  National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi Lagos (NOHIL) allegedly sacked two female nurses  for wearing hijab while on duty. The nurses insist that according to...
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Should I Expose The Lies On Her CV?

Click To Like Femme Lounge On Facebook I work in the HR department of a company. There was a recruitment recently and I told...
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See Why Many Are Speaking Up For This Policewoman Against Her Bosses

Kenya Policewoman, Corporal Linda Okello has been in the headlines because of her ”tight skirt”. Kenyans on twitter have been speaking up against the police...
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What Do Women Have To Gain Pulling Each Other Down?

By Biodun Dapherede Every new year heralds victories for women. There’s more acknowledgement about our resilience and our positions as homemakers seem to be...
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This is Why Women Should Hold Half of The Important Positions in Business.

According to Sheryl Sandberg chief operating officer of Facebook and Author of Lean in, “It’s really important that since women make up half of...
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WATCH: You're Not a Housewife, You're a Home Manager! Stella Damasus Advises Stay-at-Home Mum

A stay-at-home had an agreement with her husband not to pursue a career but to stay at home and take care of the kids....
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Do Women Prefer A Male Boss Over A Female Boss?

If American women were taking a new job and had their choice of a boss, they would prefer a male boss over a female...
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''Women Are Better Off As Mothers Than As Pilots'' – Passenger Tells Female Pilot

A passenger left a sexist note on a napkin for a female pilot aboard a Calgary flight bound for Victoria, Australia last week. The...
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SheSaidThis: ''If Women Could Sleep Their Way To The Top, There Would Be A Lot More Women At The Top”

During a Q&A with Jennifer Aniston last night at the first-ever MAKERS Conference, feminist icon Gloria Steinem was asked a question by someone in...
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11 Rules For Hugging At The Office: FOR MEN

There may come a time when you want to hug a co-worker. That’s OK, just make sure you’re familiar with the rules. I thought...