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When We Share Close Friendship With Another Person’s Spouse, Where Should We Draw The Line?

 By Nkechi Ajayi Dinner – Check Dishes – Check Doors – Check Trash - Check All that was left was a nice warm shower and...
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FRIENDS INDEED: Woman Allowed Friend borrow her husband for holiday

“A carefully chosen holiday husband is a great break from the home version How glorious it has been to take a holiday with a...
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We’re Friends Till Marriage Do Us Part

We spend years of our lives building friendships in schools, neighborhoods, workplaces and everywhere else, yet as life evolves and major life changes such...
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“Nigerian Women Need Affection Not Romance”…Ladies, Do You Agree?

Yesterday, when I took my kids out for some pizza and ice-cream, I bumped into a friend’s husband. He was having a meal (not...
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When Men “Marry” Their Mothers This Is What Happens

  I went to make my hair the other day. I had a weave earlier but took it off because the lady that plaited...
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What Does It Mean To Marry A Man With Potential? Watch Nigerians Discuss

Marry a man with potential. If you are a single girl, chances are you’ve heard this piece of wisdom repeated time and time again....
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No Holds Barred: 10 Things Nigerian Women Must Know Before Marriage

This is a no-holds-barred discourse for young women, waiting for the man of their dreams. 1) Define yourself; determine what you will or will...

MUST READ: Is This What Happens When Nigerian Women Are Breadwinners?

By Naijahousewife This is one question on the mind of most women especially the married ones. It is when most women enter the marriage...
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A Letter To Tiwa Savage From Naija House Wife

Please, before you read this, ensure you are mentally mature because this post is not intended to negatively judge Tiwa Savage! I wrote this...
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Say What?! Married Women Are More Successful Than Single Women?

Mellissah Smith a marketing expert and author, recently published a controversial article on Linkedin. In her article titled “why married women are more sucessful” ,...