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Friendship With Another Person’s Spouse, Where Should We Draw The Line?

 By Nkechi Ajayi Dinner – Check Dishes – Check Doors – Check Trash - Check All that was left was a nice warm shower and...
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Will You Let Your Fiancé’s Brother Represent Him at Your Wedding?

Scenario 1 It is one day before your traditional wedding; your finance just got a call to come for an impromptu interview. It’s his...
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Are You A Premium Babe Or Exclusive Wife Material? Find Out Here

Is it possible to put a price tag on a wife? How do you even calculate what a wife is worth? A new tongue-in...
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Are You A Victim of Financial Infidelity?

Mrs Obaro’s husband has been unfaithful to her for years and she never suspected. He has not been with another woman, not with a...
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WATCH: You're Not a Housewife, You're a Home Manager! Stella Damasus Advises Stay-at-Home Mum

A stay-at-home had an agreement with her husband not to pursue a career but to stay at home and take care of the kids....
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You'd be Shocked At What Is Going On Behind This Happy Wedding!

This looks like a happy wedding right? Well, this is what was happening behind the smiles   Many women will rather suffer in silence than to...
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Sad: Child Bride Kills Husband In Kano

This so sad, it is really disheartening that this teenager had to kill to save herself from a forced marriage. Wasila Umaru, a 14 year...
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Is One-Sided Open Marriages The Key To Marital Bliss For Some Women?

By Shola Okubote A well-known Nigerian celebrity couple was being interviewed on a TV programme recently and the man was asked why he chose...
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His Money is Ours, My Money is Mine – What Are The Financial Responsibilities Of A Wife?

Money plays an important role in marriages, today’s world is fast paced and the status of an individual and the opportunities available to them...
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Most Common Way Affairs Are Exposed

According to a new poll, ‘Going through mobile phones’ is the most common way affairs are exposed. A mobile insurance network recently had a...