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15 Women Powering Nigeria’s Popular Blogs And Websites

The Nigerian Blogging space has many women who are talented with the written word and who stand out in their chosen niche. Here are ...
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18 Things Women Need To Stop Doing To Each Other

Seriously, we are on the same team. (And of course, not all women do these things.) Slut-shaming. Let women make their own decisions and stop...
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The Seven Reasons I Had Sex

Some seemingly simple questions are often the hardest to answer, one of these is the ‘why do you have sex’ question. Many women say...

Why It Is Necessary For Women To Carry “Vex Money” On Dates

In this edition of Ndani TV’s Just Say It, On Air Personality, Dami Elebe talks to women on why it is important to carry...

What The Church Needs To Understand About Divorce

  By Kristin Tennant Just about everyone has experienced the particular brand of awkward silence that follows an exchange like this: You meet someone, start...

Outspoken: Are You Whole Enough To Complement Another?

  One too many times, we hear people say ‘I need a soul mate, someone who can complete me’. This, to me, is one...
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Helen Nwaobashi’s Answer To A Sexist Question Couldn’t Be Better

The first female Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon. Helen Nwaobashi, was sworn in last week after the impeachment of the former...
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#OUTSPOKEN: We All Shall Not Be Wives And Mothers. This Is Not A Curse

There comes a time in the life of a Nigerian girl, that it is expected of her to have this singular purpose distilled in...
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What Nigerian Women Can Do To Avoid Being Victims Of Maternal Death

Someone asked; Are there dos and don’ts when choosing a clinic? Are there questions we should ask to protect ourselves from the inadequacies in...

No Ethnicity, No Religion Has A Monopoly Of Madmen  

Sitting in church that Sunday, I felt sad. And disappointed. This revered man of God, reacting to the news of yet another attack of...