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CNN’s Isha Sesay Is ‘An Angry Black Woman’ Over Media Coverage Of Ebola?

CNN anchor Isha Sesay while speaking as a panellist member at a the media forum session during the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards 2014,...

She Fired Me Before Hiring Me…. Because Of Her Husband

I attended my family’s church one Sunday with my folks and typical of African parents, they insisted I should hang around after service and...
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15 Women Powering Nigeria’s Popular Blogs And Websites

The Nigerian Blogging space has many women who are talented with the written word and who stand out in their chosen niche. Here are ...
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”I Am Not The Lucky Type” And 8 Other Things You Should Stop Saying Now

“If I Don’t Do It, It Can’t Be Done Well” This is one of the greatest mistakes we do make, we see it like...
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How I Got My First Relationship Proposal At 34

I started my life as a young believer and was very devoted too. Though, I think I allowed it affect my appearance. While growing...
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What Michelle Obama Wishes She Knew In High School

Michelle Obama attended a Get Schooled rally at Booker T. Washington high school in Atlanta last week, as part of the White House’s Reach Higher initiative.  After the event...
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50 Statement Beads Necklace Designs & Styles From Naija Glam Weddings

  Got an event coming? Looking for ideas for your beads design? Here is a truck-load of inspiration from Naija Glam Wedding. Watch the...
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Modupe Badaru: Tips For Maintaining Your Oleku Silk Fabric

With the oleku trend being rampant and taking over the Nigerian fashion scene, I think its of great importance to highlight the care of...
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#SheSaidThis: 3 Kickass Quotes From Mercy Johnson About Dealing With “Pull Her Down” Sydrome

There is a lot of pull her down syndrome in our society, we are so quick to judge and criticize other people’s successes. How...
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Raw & Unabated: Bassey Ikpi Describes Her Journey Living With Mental Illness

There are many issues Nigerians prefer not to discuss. We have perfected the art of secrecy and keeping up with appearances. The problem with...