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50 Statement Beads Necklace Designs & Styles From Naija Glam Weddings

  Got an event coming? Looking for ideas for your beads design? Here is a truck-load of inspiration from Naija Glam Wedding. Watch the...
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Modupe Badaru: Tips For Maintaining Your Oleku Silk Fabric

With the oleku trend being rampant and taking over the Nigerian fashion scene, I think its of great importance to highlight the care of...
Cocktails, Condoms, and Costumes: A Global Female Condom Day Cel
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#FemaleCondoms: Seven Secrets Of The Female Condom

Today is is the Global Female Condom Day! It is an annual day of education and advocacy to increase awareness, access, and use of female condoms....
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3 Kickass Quotes From Mercy Johnson About Dealing With “Pull Her Down” Sydrome

There is a lot of pull her down syndrome in our society, we are so quick to judge and criticize other people’s successes. How...
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Raw & Unabated: Bassey Ikpi Describes Her Journey Living With Mental Illness

There are many issues Nigerians prefer not to discuss. We have perfected the art of secrecy and keeping up with appearances. The problem with...
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Helen Nwaobashi’s Answer To A Sexist Question Couldn’t Be Better

The first female Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Hon. Helen Nwaobashi, was sworn in last week after the impeachment of the former...
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How NOT To Catch Ebola: A Pictorial Guide To Help You

By now, you must have heard about the Ebola case discovered in Lagos. Some are reporting that the Ebola patient died earlier today. Below is a...
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Can $10, 000 Do Something For Your Business? A Chance From SheLeadsAfrica!

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funds to expand your business and mentors to guide you? Then the She Leads Africa’s Pitch Competition is...
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#OUTSPOKEN: We All Shall Not Be Wives And Mothers. This Is Not A Curse

There comes a time in the life of a Nigerian girl, that it is expected of her to have this singular purpose distilled in...
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Does Accepting His Impending Death Make Me Faithless?

By Sad Girl My father is sick, he has cancer. After months of unsuccessful treatment, the doctors have laid it out straight for us,...