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I Want To CHEAT!

This is not a hypothetical situation. It’s 100% real. It has crossed my mind maybe 5 times in the past 2 days. I even...
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Who Loves You?

The other day I watched Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with 50 Cent. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, 50 is a cool...
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These Stories Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Femme Lounge has published hundreds of articles this year, some have made me smile, some have made me think, and some have made me...
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5 Best Women Centric Films to Watch

There are quite a few women centric films in Hollywood, and the good news is that these films are also doing good business. That...
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SOULFUL SUNDAY: Our Spiritual Duty Is Not To Like Each Other; It Is To Love Each Other.

Editor’s Note: I was checking DeserveYourGreatLife blog yesterday for new blog post to read when I saw an article titled ”Who Says I Have...
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Let That Fear Guide You.

  By Shola Okubote Jaguar Paw was out hunting with his father and a group of young men when they met refugees from a...
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Chioma Nnani: You Won't Get Over Grief, But You Will Get Through It.

I cannot tell you that one day, you’ll wake up and ‘stop feeling’. Anyone who tells you so, is lying to you. Unless of...
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Want to Change Your Life? 5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

  Some people are satisfied with they way they are. They don’t see a need to change, or may they just think they’re OK...
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Start Your Healthy Journey TODAY With These 3 Tips

      Are you about to postpone the start of your healthy journey, again? “I’ll start next week” “Definitely after my birthday” “After...
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Jennifer Oyelade: Mis-leading Public Figures, Who Should Be Our REAL Role Models?

What is a role model? Someone we aspire to be like or someone that inspires us to be better individuals. So why have some...