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  1. Hello, you guys are doing a great job with the amazing articles churned out all the time which i always find helpful if not something i can always relate to, some of these articles speak directly to me.
    However, i have a suggestion which may sound crazy. Since there are support groups for rape victims, domestic abuse victims, etc, i seriously think there should be a support group for women whose husbands have cheated on or are still cheating on. The experience of the betrayal cuts through your heart like a cold knife everytime you remember, i always think about it but i need to move on with my life and assume nothing as such happened so we can have our happy home back. I need help. Thanks.

  2. Hello Kemi, thats a cool suggestion. women who are victims of infidelity shld hv a safe haven where they can be encouraged and given tips on how to cope with their situation. I feel, these can come in the form of stories without the real names of the victims and questions can be thrown out for ppl to contribute.

  3. Stop sibling rivalry….

    Parents cannot ignore siblings rivalry because it’s always there especially when you have more kids.
    Siblings are either competing for who holds the television remote,who plays with a particular toy,who opens the door first or who is singing their favourite song first and the list is endless.

    What is sibling Rivalry?
    Sibling rivalry is the jealousy,competition and fighting between brothers and sisters.

    Parents sometimes are guilty of encouraging sibling rivalry because we don’t address issues well,we take sides,we show who we loved most to others,we never listen and we just assume children will out grow it as they grow up.Some children never out -grow it.

    A friend narrated how she created awareness for her first child when she was pregnant for the second one to avoid resentment when the baby arrives.This is a way of making the child to understand that no child is coming to take over his/her place.This creates a bond for the older ones with younger ones,so that when the child finally arrives they don’t have a resentment for the new-born and in the latter days.

    All children are special and should be treated according to their peculiarities.I have come accross adults who rarely communicate to each other due to the damage sibling rivalry did in their lives.

    Some ways of promoting a healthy sibling relationship.
    *Treat your children unique needs.
    *Avoid comparing your children’s abilities.
    *Set rules and regulations and punishment for going against the rules.
    *Don’t take sides when there are battles.
    *Love each child.
    *Watch out for trouble-makers.
    *Understand and listen to each child.
    *Communicate and spend quality time with each child so nobody is left out.
    *Don’t call them names.
    *Seek for divine intervention in all decisions you make for each child.

    Nafi’s Random Musings

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