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Don't Blame Her, Blame The Brain Tumor.

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By Shola Okubote

A boy walked into a free clinic with an injury on his arm, he said he had fallen off his bicycle and was in pain. A doctor took him inside to attend to him but said she will have to call his parents so they can know what happened. The boy begged the doctor not to call anybody but the doctor went ahead to call his mother anyway.

She continued to treat the boy’s wound but then discovered that wasn’t the only one; there were bruises all over his body. When asked about the brusies he said he fell from his bicycle many times and that was why he had bruises all over his body.

His mother came in some minutes later; she asked that they release the boy so she could take him to a proper hospital. The doctor told her to wait. While waiting she went to get a drink from the vending machine, her coins went in but a drink didn’t come out. She got angry, she punched and kicked the machine and sustained serious wounds on her hands and legs.

The doctor figured it out.  She has an anger problem and the bruises on her son’s body were not from bicycle falls, they were from his mother’s fists. The son confirmed, but begged that they should leave his mother; she had been a very good mother until recently.

The clinic called the police but the doctor took the woman inside to treat her before the police arrived. While treating her, the doctor noticed some strange things in her behaviour and body and recommended a more comprehensive test. She was taken for the test with her bruised hands in handcuffs, a merciless policeman behind her, and long hard stares from people in the clinic who wondered how she could behave in such a violent way. She didn’t understand it too, the raging and uncontrollable anger started not too long ago, it was destroying her and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The results of the test revealed she has a brain tumor.  The brain tumor had caused changes in her behaviour, temperament and personality. That is why she suddenly changed from a caring and loving wife and mother to someone so angry and sad.

What if the brain tumor was never discovered, she would have gone to prison for physically abusing her child. Her husband and son would have left her with so much hatred. People would have called her names and her whole life could have been destroyed.

Sometimes people act weird not because they are bad people but because they are sick and their body is steering them in a direction they don’t want to go but don’t have the power to resist either.

photocredit:Darren Robb/gettyimages

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