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FocusOnCharity: How Bras Liberate Women From Sex Slavery

We all have what it takes to make a difference in the world, it doesn’t have to be an ‘out of the world’ idea or need  loads of cash to be executed. Infact, most times it’s within our reach – the not so lofty acts done with a good intention to create happiness in the lives of other people.

Kimba Langas, is a stay at home mom in America who is changing lives in Mozambique through a simple idea. She collects used and unwanted bras from some women, and turns into source of livelihood for others.

Kimba Langas works in partnership with a charity called “Free the Girls”, this charity is dedicated to rehabilitating young women who have been victims of sex trafficking in Mozambique. The collected bras are given to these young women to sell in the used clothing markets, in order to earn a living and build a sustainable business. These girls make money from the sale of these bras, enough to make them less vulnerable to being trafficked again.

In her interview on CNN she said.  “One of the things that was so appealing to me for “Free the Girls,” besides the catchy name, was donating bras,” she said. “I had probably five or six bras in the back of my drawer. As women, you know, we buy a bra, don’t try it on, get it home, wear it once, it doesn’t fit. And it’s one of those items where you’d like to donate it when you donate clothes to a charity, but you’re not sure. Do we donate bras? What do we do with bras?”

The bra collection started with word of mouth and then a facebook page, now it has spread so much that she has collected thousands of bras, she sometimes send them in suitcases through people travelling to Mozambique, but the goal of the charity is to be able to ship as many as possible.

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  1. this is really something from nothing. great story

  2. to think that i disposed a bag full of used and unwanted bras. its amazing how someone’s waste is a treasure to another person. what a world!

  3. another inspiring one from femme lounge! God bless this Kimba Langa woman

  4. my first impression was to think , why used bras? but then i remember how as a kid all my parents could afford were used clothes from okirika market. i can afford to wear better clothes now, but this has just reminded me that some people still live like i used , and that i have to be grateful for what i have today and help others in need.

  5. its really sad to hear these stories. right under our noses in 2012, sex trafficking and slavery still exists. i blame it on poverty, greed and lack of justice.

  6. seemingly insignificant things changing lives. we need more of this. we can’t solve all the problems of the world, neither can the government, but we can at least do something no matter how small.

  7. sad stories, sad stories. the perpetrators of sex slavery can’t be humans. they are devils

  8. i hope these girls stay of the streets, its hard to rehabilitate girls who have been in such situations for a long time. wish freethegirls all the best.

  9. kudos to this woman.

  10. i see so much need around me everyday and i feel really burdened. this has inspired me to take a step and do something, using the little i have.

  11. Tolulope Babajide Reply to Tolulope

    Great concept, real something out of something.

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