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FocusOnCharity: Join 1K4Cancer To Turn Victims To Survivors

Every year more women from lower income families are diagnosed with breast cancer. As a result of the lack of financial resources for treatment, drugs, and aftercare, over 60% of cases are reported late, which doesn’t do much to help survivor-ship.  Cancer treatment doesn’t only take a physical toll on the patients but also a financial and emotional weight on these women and their families. As an attempt to ease this problem, 1k4Cancer was born. An initiative that raises funds to assist women diagnosed with cancer from low income families with their treatment.

The drive seeks to engage members of the private sector through its fundraising campaigns and simultaneously creating awareness on the ever increasing cost implications of treatment.

The idea was initiated by Wana Udobang and it collaborates with Sebeccly Cancer Care And Support Centre as all the funds raised support the women under the care of SCCSC.

1K4Cancer team’s philosophy is driven by the belief that tiny drops make an ocean; by soliciting a donation of N1000($7) per individual to achieve its goal.

How Can You Help?

1. Donate N1,000 or more to the account below and encourage your friends, church, or company to do so too.

Bank Name – Fidelity Bank
Name –   Sebeccly Cancer Care And Support Centre
Account Number – 4520003810

2. Volunteer to be an office champion. See details below
Website –
Call – 08090088922

Credit: Picture and content from IK4Cancer

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  1. breasts cancer is a bitch! my mother has lost two close friends to it. :( well done for helping to give some people hope.

  2. hmmmn. this is quite thoughtful. It really doesn’t take so much to make a difference. I will be glad to support this intiative.

  3. well done Wana, i have been following your work with this and you have done well.this is a noble cause.

  4. with little help here and there i pray one day we will rid the world of cancer and all the pain it causes. :(

  5. i am happy to see this, we need more organisations like this in Nigeria. There are so many social ills yet few genuine charity organisations to help out. this is something i will def support.

  6. Ms Udobang, God bless you. I should do my bit.

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