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Get The Look By Barbara

Celebrity copy cats are known to exist worldwide. They copy from music legend Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga to movie icon Elizabeth Taylor. Even royalties are not spared. Some go as far as going under the knife to look like their idols.Some copycats are epic fails and some are out of the world awesome

Recently, more common ways of being a celeb copycat are by replicating their wardrobe, fashion style, hair style and makeup. Thus, it’s not uncommon to find Get The Look blog posts, articles and youtube videos all over the internet.

Have you ever wanted to replicate the look of a Nigerian celebrity? I have; and at different points in time too. Well, I figure here is my chance to do that and it is your chance too – without having to go under the knife.

Send in pictures of various Nigerian female celebrities whose makeup looks you would love to replicate and I will be here twice a month to give you a breakdown of how you can achieve their looks – with indigenous Nigerian brands and products which can be found here in Nigeria.

Send the pictures to or directly to me at (please pictures should be very clear to ensure that makeup is well seen)


Writer: Barbara is an Advertising Executive who absolutely adores makeup, let me rephrase – I am passionate about makeup. She loves passing along information especially where makeup and beauty are concerned, she is also an avid social networking afficionado and makeup/beauty blogger.She blogs at

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  1. *jumping and dancing round the room* lol. So my Get The Look column is up and running. I am waiting for your emails.
    Just send me pictures of Nigerian celebrity looks you would like replicated and I will tell you how you can get them using makeup products/brands that are either Nigerian or can be found in Nigeria.

  2. cool article you have here ma'am. hope to have us work together someday. have fun sis.

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