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Saying No To Alcohol Changed My Life This Year

Ingrid Arna, 36, found a new career after giving up booze.

“When I was 20 I moved to New York. I had an eating disorder, I worked in a stressful job and I often went out drinking with colleagues and clients. No matter how much I drank, whether it was one glass of wine or five, the next day I was completely exhausted. Then one day I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed.

“My doctor told me I had adrenal fatigue caused by years of dieting –  and alcohol was making my body increasingly sensitive. It was the kick-start I needed to get my health and life in order.

“Kicking the drinking was the first thing I committed to. I started to eat healthy, nutritious foods and studied to become a certified holistic health counsellor and food coach. I moved back to Australia where I set up my wellness consultancy, Now I coach women to love their bodies. I’m happy and healthy with a better body than ever. But best of all, I love what I do.”

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