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Stranger In My House: You Sleep In His Spot And You Drive His Car But I Don't Know Who You Are …

In the words of Tamia….

You look just like the man in the picture by our bed,

I’m checking your clothes and you wear the same size shoe

You sleep in his spot and you’re driving his car

But I don’t know just who you are …

There’s no way you could be who you say you are, you gotta be someone else

Because he wouldn’t touch me like that, and he wouldn’t treat me like you do

He would adore me, he wouldn’t ignore me, so I’m convinced there’s a

stranger in my house.


Last week I told you how we needed to pay the kids school fees

You snapped at me and yelled you had nothing to give….you were flat broke

Didi gave me a call just last night, she saw you with the boys,

and heard clearly when you said “Drinks are on me boys” It’s my treat.


It makes me remember our little one of three years back…

Only 3 hours we had to share

We didn’t even get to name him….he was there and then he wasn’t.

You did not talk to me for months after that, your silence accused me and branded me guilty of murder

I wanted us to share our grief, but you would have nothing of it.

I had lost a child too you know, yet I could not grieve, you would not let me grieve

For if I did, who would have taken care of our 2 year old daughter?


You screamed at me when I cried three days back,

Asked me to grow up and quit acting helpless and stupid

In your words “So what if you lost the job is, life happens to us all doesn’t it? Deal with it”

I really was going to deal with it; I guess I just wanted you to care,

After all, I’m you wife for heaven’s sake.

I miss having you listen and tell me words that I already know

Not because I can’t tell them to myself, but at least, then I know you care


My friends and family tell me I need to be strong, after all they warned me ahead

“He’s always been selfish and immature and the present pressure is more than he can handle”
“But don’t act like he’s a different man….he never changed you know”

Part of me hates that they’re right…Part of me refuses still to accept


So here I lie in the dark, your silent snore the only thing I still can recognize

The tears don’t fall but my heart bleeds in many places…

It’s a pain I’m becoming used to

I know I want more, I deserve more than you offer me right now

And if you’re really honest with yourself you’d agree that I speak the truth……


Writer: Nkechi Ajayi is a blogger, architect, lover of God, life and music.



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  1. Nice piece..well written.

    It had my tummy in knots for (Tamia and) everyone going through this and I just want to say a word or do an act to make it better but all I can manage is: BE STRONG…

    ..for all the sisters in pain, I hope and pray it is a passing phase that never gets to become a permanent fixture.

  2. Timothy Adebisi Reply to Timothy

    Just last night a friend and I were discussing what JESUS said to the woman at the well (John 4) HE said ‘…if you know the gift of GOD and HE who speaks with you..’ we kind of interpreted that in the context of a man making a woman a lifetime offer that goes something like this -’if you know what I got to offer…’ the question that bothered us is what does a man have to offer a woman… what does the woman need from her man? Our generation is full of men who do not have a clue what it means to be a man to a woman… or to be a man at all and nobody is teaching us. Convenience is the goal these days and we run away from whatever does not look like it. That is wrong. The call is for all male folks to go back and learn what GOD made men to be beyond the job, muscles,, athletic skills…. and the women should help us too…!
    GOD bless you!

  3. There is more to being man than bringing home the payslip at the end of the month. This is a wakeup call to all the brothers out there.

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