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Watch: Big Daddy – A Short Film on Rape By Chris Ihindero

I read a number of posts recently on issues of sexual abuse, I have been wondering what exactly goes on and wrong in the minds of these abusers, what nut got loose?

The surprising thing about it is that most times the culprits are not the roaring lions on the streets looking for whom to devour, they are often the gentle lambs within our courts – our friends, our brothers, our fathers, our uncles and even our husbands. Normal people with a good life and sometimes a happy family – the people you will never suspect!

From the father who rapes his daughter, to the son who rapes his mother and all the many in between the two. What goes on within?

Chris Ihindero’s short movie titled Big Daddy is another reminder of the sad reality of rape. The silence, the hypocrisy, the pain, the trauma and the never ending trail of sadness it brings with it.

In answer to Singer Ibiyemi’s powerful soundtrack to the movie, ”Do You See Me?”. No, they obviously don’t see. They don’t see a friend, a niece, a daughter or a human being that has a right to say no…, all they see is a sport made for sexual pleasure – a prey.

Big Daddy – A Short Film on Rape

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  1. Good Movie. highest percentage of child molesters are people we see everyday, people that are even close to the family, parents watch your kids and who you allow in your house, there is no such thing as “over protecting” your kids.

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